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Half an hour of searching the site, found only one topic with this issue, if wrong click. So the carcasser, the floors on the ground. It came to the point of communications, I want to put the electrician on all the outlets in tamped sand, before waterproofing and EPS. Maybe I'm driving, of course, the same Americans are throwing an electrician right on the frame, but it will be calmer if all the wires where theoretically possible heating cables (fire) can be removed into the sand. In the screed, you can not stack it, because there will be a warming up of insulation, which is not good. Conclusions in the frame walls-pieces of pipe (wooden house according to the rules) .There are doubts that the floor is floating-
1. Will there be any damage to the cable during operation?
2. What cable to lay down to live the maximum time in the sand and do not overdo say in 20 years NYY ?
3. Whether it is necessary to lay in a corrugation or only conclusions through a coupler to make in pipes, sand should protect not worse from deformations, plus a condensate will accumulate in a corrugation, that probably badly
I will be grateful for answers, it's time to lay on it and stalled
Please Help !
Thanks !
I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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Страницы: 1
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